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OKX suddenly drastically limits withdrawals for users who haven't completed KYC
Tue May 02 2023web3isgoinggreat (read full)
As regulatory groups have started to pay more attention to crypto platforms, it hasn't been terribly unusual to see them tighten their identification requirements — particularly for customers engaging in high-value transactions. However, the Seychelles-based OKX exchange suddenly and without warning implemented a $5,000 total withdrawal limit for users of its crypto exchange that hadn't provided detailed identification (KYC), leaving some users who were unwilling to provide such identification with large sums of crypto assets trapped on the exchange. Previously, users who had submitted only the base level of identification were able to deposit or withdraw $50,000 per day. These users weren't notified of the change, even when they deposited funds, and only discovered the new limit when they went to withdraw or heard about it on social media. It's not clear when precisely the change went into effect, but reports of the limitation began appearing in April 2023. , r/OkX_WithdrawalHell "OKX/OkEx silently changes t...